My Pengikut..hehe

Thursday, August 11, 2011

our life, our soul, are our CREATORS..

life is short.
just like a small bubble on the water.
floating nowhere and everywhere as the flow of the water and the wind.
life is very short.
it is time to do something that is fun.
fun enough until it can be the most memorable moment that we will always remember.
are we always can live in that way?
life is so short.
one day, we will meet HIM.
our creator.
who create us in the most perfect state.
will call us at any-time,
and even when we are with whom.
life is absolutely very short.
please, my dear friends,
take care about yourselves.
thinks about your future.
and think about your CREATOR.
will HE absolutely glad with what you are now?
will HE accept everything that you have done?
will HE forgive you?

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